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Thankful for all things Domain..

Since it has almost been a year since I took my first leap into this massive and diverse industry I thought now would be a good time to take a look at what I have learnt and what I am thankful for all things domain. I entered this world without any prior knowledge about ththankful_smiley_facese real inside workings about buying, selling and even renting domains. Yup I had absolutely no clue what TLD stood for and I remember vividly the  first blog I read about talked about something called Doughnuts of all things…

From what I can gather 2014 has been a really monumental year for the domain industry and not just because our site has now over 22 million expired domains in our database and is continuing to grow, but due to the  unprecedented release of the new TLDs never before has so many new domain extensions been released into the MarketPlace over such a short period of time. Reaction across the domaining community has been mixed and the success rate of these domains has been erratic depending on specific TLD’s. But with over 100,000 .club registrations already one thing I think we can all be thankful for is that with the release of all the new TLD’s the domaining industry is more accessible to the general public than ever.

I am personally thankful to this crazy world of expired domains for enabling me to learn more about my passions, I quickly learnt the lifecycle of a domain is way more complicated than some of the big commercial Registrars like GoDaddy would have you believe, I have literally spent hours studying a domain through creation to dropping and then  back round again. I now know the difference between Registries and Registrars, I know what ICANN stands for and yes I even know what a DropCatch service is. So this all leads me to the to the first thing I am thankful for from the Domain Industry and that is KNOWLEDGE – I have learnt so much that I never knew and am continuing to learn everyday – thank you for resonating with my inner geek!

The second aspect of all things domain that I am thankful for is enabling me to grow my existing love for all things SEO, purchasing a good domain is really only the start, if you wish to use your domain to grow your business and online presence, there is so much that must be considered from an SEO perspective that is many times overlooked.. Do I have good backlinks or bad ones? Is the Penguin algorithm going to penalize or reward this domain? Shall I buy an EMD or shall I just stick to .com domains as I have heard your SERP will do better if you do? Is Google’s PR still relevant and why haven’t they updated it? Where and how do I access the Whois data for a domain I am looking to buy? All of these areas and so much more I have been able to read, blog and learn about and yes I am a geek.

Thirdly I am thankful for data! As a self professed bad accountant, I have always had a natural propensity to find myself and my career leaning towards the study of data and what it tells us. Our site www.expired-domains.co contains so much information from the 100,000 + domains that expire on a daily basis to the traffic we receive from Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook from all over the world. I have learnt the technicalities of how data can be scalable, and searchable, how it can be available to the mobile community as well as the desktop user. To the data I glean from the emails and comments of our customers – I am thankful for all of it.

Last but not least I am thankful that this joint endeavour has enabled me to work with my husband, he has taught me more than he realizes, I have learnt to be more patient than I ever thought capable of but best of all we have created this together and it continues to grow – thank you expired domains!!


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  • Hi Clare, first of all congrats on all your domain success. I really like your site, and props on all your data source gathering, 22 mil is nothing to sneeze at, that’s a lot of domains! 🙂

    Again continued success, and i hope to see you around the domain niche world.