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.io …. who?

So iomy techie husband keeps on telling me there is a .io revolution going on, conference after conference he goes to, he his noticing the trend that more and more of smaller tech startups are using domains with a .io TLD. The geek in me can see the appeal the idea of a domain name that ends in IO – the input/output connotation seems like a perfect fit in a tech environment..And don’t even mention Jupiter moons…

Even after the launch of the all the new GTLDs last year, therefore creating a far wider choice both from a price and name selection in the domain market, the .io domain extension is continuing to rise in popularity and it isn’t just my husband who is noticing it, almost every day I read about a new startup with a .io domain name, and they are always doing something really interesting, these new .io sites are unique in nature – small, innovative and above all else functional. A true TLD for techies with a flair for originality but never compromising on their core product or service.

Do a search on Google and you will find some really cool projects and services using the .io domain extention. – 191 of them – which show the trend pretty clearly. (I skipped the personal blogs and random news sites). There’s lots of open source projects (Redis, Brackets, Launcher), a few mobile-app landing pages (Avocado, X-Ray), a ton of new web apps and services, several conference pages (Lightning, Renaissance, Resonate) and a few older companies or organizations who’ve changed their name to take advantage of a cleaner .io name.

Despite the varied purposes and organizations involved, the thing all these sites have in common is that they are really well done – the design, attention to detail or simply the technology involved in the project. They all seem to be clean and focused on a single great idea, some in beta or about to be, and many already in business, concentrating on some unique niche. Yes the .io top level domain has been around since 1997 and therefore of course has had more time to build up popularity and marketability than some of the other more recently released GTLDs, but after the .io registry switched its back end to allow faster domain registrations in line with the .com registries, popularity soared and has continued to climb and is now a solidly recognized TLD in Silicon Valley and the tech world in general. Definately a sound bet for any tech start ups out there, clearly a TLD that is here to stay.

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  • But can you search for expired .io domains on your site?

    • Hi Jill,

      No, at this time we’re not collecting any .io domain information. I’ve reached out to the .io registry to see if they publish any pending delete lists – if they do we’ll add them to the site.


  • Hey,

    Domain Holdings reported a 6 figure .io sale in Q2 2015.

    Prophetic hubby 😉

    Kind regards,

    Freddie Compier