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The changing landscape of the marketability of a Domain..

branding-buildingBuying a good domain with your company’s brand in the title, is just the beginning of the long journey for long term online success.

All domains need to be used effectively for branding purposes and this means a lot more than just getting the brand name in the domain. In an age where good domains are more accessible than ever, but SEO strategy has transcended simple marketing tips such as buying domain names with a short URL, easy to say/easy to remember, or a domain that includes targeted keywords, to a time now where the structuring of the brand, domain and product need to be seamlessly integrated.

For such a long time we were directed in the online world to subfolders for specific brands from their parent company domain, this type of online marketing was the legacy left behind from the leap from traditional bricks and mortar to online selling. Big company’s brands were not set up to align to this form of marketing, the use of the word branding has now taken on a whole different meaning.

We as the consumer in this day in age find it frustrating if we had to go to two different domains to buy toothbrushes and toothpaste both owned by the same company, this type of domain marketing undermines the strength of the brand and online marketability and domain authority.

In recent years we are much more likely to see the brand dominate both the domain and individual product/products, therefore integrating the online strategy into a clean simple but very successful approach. With the likes of Apple who has a strong online and retail store customer base and Google with their pure online and mobile presence.

All of Apple’s devices are strongly branded as Apple products. Search “Apple Watch” and the first search rwww.apple.com/watch. No new domain is necessary for each line of product.

With all that said product only branding does have a place in the domain world and typically works best where there is a strong local connection, there are no related products, and there is limited interaction with “corporate.” The downside is that you’re going to be starting from scratch with your customers ever

Of course there was a time when it seemed  to make sense to choose a lot of exact-match and keyword-focused domains. Google was  letting almost anything rank if the domain matched the query exactly. Product-specific domains sold and actually still do for millions of dollars. In recent Panda and Penguin algorithm though “EMD’s” have tended to drop in the SERP’s, illustrating Google’s desire to reward strong brands, products and services with long term marketing strategies versus quick wins and short term gains. Of course as the owner of an Exact Match Domain I am going against my own thought process in some ways!

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