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How to find Expired Domains in 2015…

Make-your-product-well-known-globallyTime for a shameless self promoting blog and why not  I am proud of our product so thought it was time to share some love. As we all know times are changing as the years whip on by, no longer is it necessary to trawl pages and pages of of Google Search engine results to find websites containing lists of expired/expiring/deleted or dropped domains, only then to spend hours and hours transferring the data to spreadsheets and databases to to apply filters and and algorithms to extract domains of your choice… So wait for it.. wait for it.. drumroll  and yes here comes my shameless self promotion I am literally blushing as I write this, but seriously here at Expired Domains we have created a tool that does all of this work for you and so much more. With over 100,000 newly expired/expiring or dropped domains added every single day, the data that you are presented with is fresh, up to date and relevant to your search.

Here are just a few reasons to try out this domain tool today!expired-domains

  1. Yes this search engine provides current and comprehensive list of expired domains but additionally each day keywords and search terms are analyzed to automatically pull out one word, and two word domains from the thousands of others  that are added on a daily basis, these are real words that are could be names, places, activities and business’s making it so much easier for you to identify those truly valuable domains. Honestly they now jump out at you from the landing page screaming to be bought!
  2. More filters and search options are included in this tool to identify key domains, with access to all of the premium tld’s and cctld’s having many filter and search options is crucial to successfully finding expired domains in a timely manner before they are snapped up in this highly competitive space.
  3. For each domain the WHOIS registration date, Alexa Rank, number of backlinks and PageRank are all readily available directly from the site, with specific search results showing top domains from each of these categories.
  4. For those who are track Name Jet Pre release auctions we have all of these domains with the added benefit of the powerful filters and search functionality that can be applied to the data as well as the domains that have now dropped and are available immediately.
  5. Want to see if you can pick up a forgotten domain missed by the masses then here you can search specific dates across our entire data base with or without filters and have access to the last 30 days worth of domains.
  6. Last but not least you can get all of this for free!

So come check out our site and see for yourself what hundreds of others already have – yes the secret is nearly out! Expired Domains  your new destination for finding expired/expiring and dropped domains  in 2015. Phew I have finally stopped blushing, it must be the English in me that was taught not to boast!



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